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Since the introduction of gas chromatographic methods in the earliest sixties allowed a qualitative advance in the potentiality for detection of many organic compounds. Volatility and Stabilization are two things that must be required by organic compounds to have a qualified result of GC and GC-MS analysis. Figure 1. Example of GC-MS Analysis, Methyl Oleate […]

well, let me tell you about a ‘lil bit what I did when I was as a undergraduate student at Chemistry Department, UGM ^^ entitled, Synthesis and Characterization of Ricinoleyl Diethanolamide as Non Ionic Surfactants From Castor Oil (Ricinus communis). why Surfactant? as we’ve known well, surfactant is an unique compound. It has two characteristic […]

A team of MIT chemists has devised a new way to add fluorine to a variety of compounds used in many drugs and agricultural chemicals, an advance that could offer more flexibility and potential cost-savings in designing new drugs. ————- Drug developers commonly add fluorine atoms to drugs, such as the cholesterol-lowering rosuvastatin, to keep […]

before we’ll talk much about chemistry and its friends ^^, for this first-post I just wanna share about the International Year of Chemistry 2011. On the other hand, there’s no chemistry class, now! ^^ yup! On December 30, 2008. The 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations has adopted a resolution proclaiming 2011 as International […]



this blog is just another “book” to accomodate my deepest love to chemistry and other related sciences. yeah. I don’t know exactly why I do love this science, much.  The only one that I know,  I was suddenly trapped to its fabulous mistery. It seems like the air which is suddenly came into your lung. […]